Alternative Spring Break



Cultural & Recreation/Wellness


What is it? An opportunity for you to live and learn in Mexico for a week. You will live with a host  family in the evenings. Interact with peers at Universidad YMCA, experience Mexican cultural sites and recreation /sports  facilities  as a group during the day.

What will I learn? Students will explore how universities in Mexico approach recreation and wellness and increase their cultural literacy. Student Learning Outcomes for the program include: 1) Ability to demonstrate understanding of commonalities and diversity between university recreation programs in Mexico and NKU’s program; 2) Students will be comfortable interacting with individuals from different cultures; 3) Students will be able to identify and discuss significance of important Mexican cultural sites; 4) Students will be able to contribute to cross cultural learning by working with peers in English Language Learning Program; 4) Work with English Language Learners.

Do I receive academic credit?

Yes, you will receive one service learning credit. You will want to be sure to include this study abroad experience on your resume or vitae, as well. Cultural competency is increasingly important to companies in today’s global economy. Enhancing your cultural competency skills will also be a valuable asset as you continue to study, work and engage in activities back on campus at NKU.

Where do we stay? We will stay with families of students that attend the YMCA University in Mexico City. During the day we will be guided around the city by faculty/staff members of the YMCA University and accompanied by YMCA University students.

What about Safety?  You will always be with the NKU group and the YMCA leaders or your host families. We will be in Mexico City and will not be travelling to any of the areas the US State Department has issued travel warnings.

 Is there time for tourism? Weekends and evenings are available for tourism with your host families.

How much does it cost? The total cost of the trip is $1,500 per person. This includes airfare, ground transportation, lodging and most meals. The Campus Recreation department and the office of Latino Programs and Services will provide $1,000 scholarships for each of the students selected for the program. Students will be responsible for the remaining $500 of the trip cost and their spending money for souvenirs and miscellaneous items.

Who is eligible to go? Student employees of the Campus Recreation Center and students involved in programs sponsored by the office of Latino Programs and Services. Our group will include two NKU faculty/staff members and up to 10 students.

Is knowledge of Spanish necessary? No. We request that the YMCA place all students with no Spanish language skills in homes of families with an English speaker. Some basic knowledge of the Spanish language would be very helpful, but is not required. Our group will meet before the trip to practice some basic Spanish words and phrases.

How do I apply to go?

Pick up an application from the Campus Recreation or the office of Latino Programs and Services, and return it to the office when completed.

Sponsored by:

Campus Recreation, Latino Programs and Services, Vice President for Student Affairs, Residence Life, Office of Education Abroad, World Languages and Literatures, and Latino Institute for Excellence